OOPY stands for harmony between shapes, materials, nature, and functions, reviving patrimony, caring for resources, fluidity between interior, exterior and surroundings, design connected to the life dynamic, environment respecting solutions.


We innovate and highlight everlasting values, enlighten culture, history, religion. We ensure durability, freshness of long-lasting projects in the live tissue of communities and connection with our clients’ goals.


We believe that ideas build evolution and our projects speak for us.


Our philosophy


While permanently keeping up to a field which progresses with high speed, our projects always develop around our core values: quality, innovation, environment protection, as well as efficiency, affordability, timeliness, and fairness. We aim at combining our clients’ satisfaction with the respect for patrimony, urban specificity, environment, and nature.


Our resources


Our activity relies on our diverse and energetic team, with their exceptional multi-disciplinary training and working experience, able to solve and design projects of a wide complexity, in locations spread across the country and abroad.


Our experience addresses, at remarkable standards, architectural design, engineering (structural design, installations, road design), interior design, urban planning, as well as fire safety, construction permits, tendering, contracting, technical assistance, consulting, project management.


We also have significant experience in studies and expertise, consulting, project and construction management, topographical survey, thermal imagery and measurements, carried out both with our own teams or together with our long-time, stable collaborators.


Our architecture and design office gathers together over 70 specialists. Established in 2003, OOPY Arhitectura has its headquarters in Bucharest and a branch in Cluj-Napoca.


Our activities


Qualified in architectural and general design, we provide our clients with our complex ability to cover all design phases, from concept to technical and detailed solutions, as well as all other related activities: urban planning, expertise, geotechnical, hydrological and historical studies, thermal assessment, topographical and environmental surveys, natural light impact studies, impact analysis.


OOPY’s projects are designed in Bucharest, Cluj & Iași, and implemented all over Romania as well as abroad.


Our activity fully respects the high standards of ISO 14001 on the management system and ISO 9001 on the integrated quality-environment management system. Being professionally insured, we can also provide, on request, dedicated professional consulting on our clients’ projects.

The Team